Ankarsrum Original Whisking Bowl

The Ankarsrum mixer comes with the basic Ankarsrum Mixer package. If you need to replace yours, we sell a replacement set that includes: mincing bowl, shaft, gear, gear head, whips (pair), and cookie beaters (pair). The standard whips are great for whipping egg whites, making whipped cream, or even butter. The cookie beaters are heavier for cookie dough and cake batter (but not for bread dough). The plastic whisking bowl itself holds 3.5L (approximately 0.92 gallons) and is approximately 9″ in diameter at the top.


The Ankarsrum Original mixer has had many different names over the years, but has been essentially the same great machine. It has been branded the DLX, Magic Mill, Electrolux, Verona, and even Assistent Original. It is now known as the Ankarsrum Original.

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  1. Do you know where I can purchase the plastic piece that the whipping beaters fit into (looks like a gear)?

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