What Do You Grind?

Ground Flour

The Wonder Junior Hand Grain Mill allows folks to grind pretty much anything. Some things grind very well (like grain and coffee). Other things may not work so well. We want to hear from you, whether a regular reader or just a passer-by. If you own a Wonder Junior, please let us know how it works. Your feedback will be very beneficial for two reasons.

  1. It will allow us to work with the manufacturer to better design components.
  2. It will allow others to know if this mill works for what they intend to use it for.

We can’t test everything here, but we’d love to hear from you on what you’ve tried.

4 thoughts on “What Do You Grind?”

  1. I have the WOnder Junior deluxe model. It works great for small grains such as wheat berries.

    I tried to grind Chick peas to make Chick pea flour. All I can say is this…don’t waste your time. It doesn’t work. THe chick peas are too large to go through the grinder.

    The “spring” in the bottom of the grinder(the auger) simply will not allow the chick peas to go through.

    I can say, I was a bit disappointed in this.

    Obviously making chick pea flour can be done as one can buy it at health food stores. The Wonder Junior just can’t do it.

    Overall, I am pretty pleased with the grinder as a whole. It will grind most stuff fairly well.

    Hope this helps.

  2. Marty, split chickpeas work fine! I get them in bulk really cheap at Indian food markets. :)

  3. The only thing I have been unsuccessful with has been dried hawthorn berries. It’s like trying to grind BBs, lol. Oh well…

  4. I have had the Wonder Junior for several years now, and use it mostly for whole wheat with the stone burs, and coffee and cinnamon with the steel burs. I cut up Ceylon cinnamon sticks in a blender first, then grind them to a powder in the Wonder Junior.

    I just bought the new flour guide and auger and will be trying to grind cocoa nibs shortly. Great product, now even better with the upgrades!

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