Wonder Junior Drill Bit Adapter

We now carry a neat attachment to use with your Wonder Junior to allow you to use your drill to motorize your mill.
Wonder Junior Drill Bit Adapter
Turn your Wonder Junior Hand Mill into a drill powered grain mill with the Drill Bit Adapter. Simply remove the handle, attach the bit to your drill, slide bit over the end of the shaft, hold it snug, and let the drill do all the work.

This is a great alternative to motorizing your Wonder Junior. You may already have a heavy duty drill that will work. If not you can buy a heavy duty drill and this attachment for much less than a motorizing pulley and a motorizing setup, plus you can use the drill for more than your grain mill.

We recommend using a variable speed drill so that you can keep the speed low to prevent prematurely wearing out grain mill and making a mess. The manufacturer recommends that your speed should not exceed 160 RPM, about twice as fast as you can crank it by hand.

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Recommended Drills

For Milling Hard Grains (Like Grains & Beans):

We recommend two drills, but realize that almost any will work. First, for a great low cost option that works well, try the Dewalt 8 amp:

Additionally, for a little more power, you may consider the Dewalt 9 amp:

Either will work well, but the latter has a bit more power behind it.

For Milling Soft Items (Like Nuts & Coffee Beans)

Just about any drill will work for soft item, even a cordless drill will work for milling very soft items. Keep in mind that some drills are hard to keep the speed at the recommended speed.

Warranty Notice

Per the manufacturer, using this Drill Bit Adapter does NOT void the warranty of the grain mill. Motorizing your mill using the pulley and a motor will, though. (10/16/12).

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