Austin Air Units for Singapore

Healthmate 400 - SandstoneWith the recent fires, we realize that many of our friends in Singapore have great need for CLEAN AIR! We’re here to help. We offer the entire line of Austin Air filters, and can convert them to 240V for use in Singapore (or elsewhere, for that matter). Contact us for a shipping quote. The most popular units for smoke are the full sized HM-450 Healthmate Plus and the HM-250 Healthmate Plus Junior. Converted to a 240V motor and with a country-specific plug, these units run $999.95 and $849.95 respectively. For Singapore, you will typically need a Type G plug, but please let us know if you use any other type and we can modify your unit as needed. Type G PlugWe offer the world’s best rates on shipping these units, so let us help you today!


2 thoughts on “Austin Air Units for Singapore”

  1. Hello, i’m interested in the

    Austin Healthmate Air Purifier. Do you have the item in black or white?
    How much? I’m enquiring for home use in Singapore.


  2. We do have it available, in both 110V and 220V (International) models, and in black, white, sandstone, silver, or midnight blue. We will send you an email with additional information. Thank you!

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