Austin Air 240V Units

One of the questions that is regularly asked of us is whether we carry (and ship) an Austin Air unit with a 240V motor for use in countries that have 240V power. And the answer is YES!


In the United States and some other countries, we utilize 120V power. Other countries that utilize 120V power include Canada, many Caribbean countries, some Central American and South American countries, Mexico, Japan, Puerto Rico, and Taiwan. There are several others, and you can find a full list of power sources and plug types here.

In terms of plugs, those are different that the power supply. The plug is the piece of metal at the end of the cord that gets inserted into the wall outlet. The plug type is only the “shape” of the connection. It doesn’t determine what kind of power the appliance uses. That being said, countries generally adopt various plug types to use as standards in their country. And you generally will never find an appliance that uses 120V power with a plug type for a country that uses 240V power. That usually keeps people safe so they don’t ruin their appliance.

So, if you plug in a 120V appliance (with a 120V motor inside) to a 240V plug, it will probably ruin it. If you plug in a 240V appliance to a 120V plug, it may ruin it, but it also just may not work. But again, you generally can’t do that. The plugs are usually the correct type to match up to what the appliance can handle. Here’s a common example of a 120V style plug (the Type B plug):


For the Austin Air units that we sell, if it going to any of the countries (to include the United Stated) that use 120V power, then you can expect it to be the normal unit with the plug depicted above. That’s what Austin Air, by default, manufactures. You can find those 120V Austin Air units here.

But, if you are in one of the countries that uses 240V power, then we work with the manufacturer to replace the 120V motor inside with a 240V motor. They also replace the normal Type B plug with a plug that will likely work for your particular country. Each country is different, so we coordinate with our customers to ensure they get the correct type. You can see all the different styles of plugs here.

We do ship these 240V Austin Air units to countries around the world. That being said, shipping can be quite expensive, and we do have to quote each sale prior to purchase since the prices fluctuate quite often. Some common ballpark prices might be $370 for a full size unit to Singapore. Or $525 for the same unit going to New Zealand. Each country is different. You can contact us to get a quote, though.


Production and modification for each 240V unit can take several days since these are not mass produced. They are modified units with the 240V motor and special plug for your country. Normal production time is 2-3 days.

Once we ship, it varies depending on what shipping option you would like. We often ship UPS which usually delivers in about 3 business days. We occasionally ship USPS (Postal Service) for a lower price, but realize that delays in the customs clearing process are often much longer (sometimes as much as 2 months or more, but normally about a week or two).


The upgraded 240V Austin Air units cost a bit more than the normal 120V counterparts. Additionally, the cost of shipping is much higher. Finally, when the unit arrives to you in your country, you may also be charged various taxes, customs, and duties for importing them. Each country is different. Common taxes would be a VAT or similar tax. Less common ones for a single item would be customs/duties. We generally recommend you pay those at the time of delivery. However, if you fail to pay those taxes and the unit is returned to us, we are unable to refund any shipping costs and sometimes may even have to reduce the overall refund for additional shipping costs sending it back to us. Alternately, we can collect extra funds at time of purchase and prepay those. Realize we have to collect extra, though, since we don’t know how much they will charge. We generally refund any excess that we collect, though.


In terms of warranty, the manufacturer will generally warrant the unit and the filter. HOWEVER, you are responsible for any shipping both to and from their location in New York, in the United States. Because of this, normally, warranty work is not feasible for most folks. If you experience a problem, your best bet would be to bring your unit with you on a visit to the USA sometime and have it looked at then. We generally don’t see many issues with them, though, and any minor issues can usually be resolved in your local country by an electrician or other small appliance repair shop. There aren’t any fancy computer gadgets on them, so they are very easy to work on.

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