My Berkey Spigot is Leaking! (Part 2)

We previously wrote about how to fix the most common leaking spigot problem with you Berkey over here. Sometimes, however, the leak may come from the spigot itself. If that occurs, you will want to first try disassembling the spigot and look for any loose debris that may have gotten trapped inside, especially near the seals. This most commonly occurs when you’ve had it for a while and there may be some sort of buildup inside. It can also occur initially from the factory and things were just assembled a bit weird. Taking it apart and putting it back together usually solves that.

In rare circumstances, there may be some sort of manufacturing defect going on. If that’s the case, for new purchases from us, we can usually get you a replacement spigot at no cost. For systems that are a bit older, you may just want to go ahead and purchase a replacement spigot.

And while you’re at it, don’t forget to check out the water view spigots from Berkey that we carry. You can check the level of the water in your Berkey at any time with a water view spigot (also known as a sight glass spigot). So, you may consider upgrading to that. We also carry the original sight glass spigot (which has some plastic parts) and also a stainless steel water view spigot to replace the stock spigot. All of them are made by Berkey and all work very well.

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