Berkey Sight Glass Spigot


The Berkey sight glass spigot (or water view spigot) allows instant reading of water level in the lower chamber of your stainless steel Berkey system.



Berkey Sight Glass SpigotTM


Upgrade Your Spigot

  • The Berkey Sight Glass SpigotTM provides an easy solution for viewing how much water your Berkey® System has left in it.
  • If you cannot find the spigot size you’re looking for or need help, please call our Customer Service department to talk to a knowledgeable representative.


Specifications for the Berkey Sight Glass SpigotTM

  • Fits all stainless steel units (specify which unit you have when order).
    • The Travel Berkey® and Big Berkey® use the 7.5” sight glass spigotTM
    • The Royal Berkey® uses the 10” sight glass spigotTM
    • The Imperial Berkey® and Crown Berkey® use the 13” sight glass spigotTM
  • The portion of the spigot that extends out from the lower chamber measures approximately 3 5/8 inches.
  • All parts of the spigot that touch your drinking water are made of glass and food-grade polypropylene.

Included in the box:

  • Berkey Sight Glass SpigotTM
  • 2 washers
  • 1 nut


NOTE: The sight glass is not interchangeable between other spigots and is only compatible with the spigot it is paired with.

Please note, labeling may vary to fulfill orders during periods of heavy demand.


Not available in CA or IA.


Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and Military addresses will go via USPS Priority Mail and may incur a surcharge for shipping. Actual carrier for all shipments is at seller’s discretion, but will generally be UPS or USPS Priority Mail.


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