Country Living Grain Mill Dimensions

Often times, our customers ask us what the dimensions are for the Country Living Grain mill. We hope this helps, and if you need more measurements, Contact Us.


All dimensions are as close as we could get them.

Weight: 17 lbs, 11 oz (our demo model…actual weights may vary slightly)

Height (not including flywheel): 13 1/2″
Height (including flywheel): 14 3/4″

Flywheel: 12″ diameter (this would also be the overall width)

Depth: 18″ from tip of handle to tip of adjustment knob (i.e. – front to back)

Base Plate Holes: 2 3/4″ front to back / 4 5/8″ left to right / each hole is 3/8″ in diameter
These measurements are what you would need to pre-drill a board for a mounting plate

Hopper: 4 5/8″ front to back / 5 1/8″ left to right

Hope this helps. We can always add more, so just let us know what you are looking for!

2 thoughts on “Country Living Grain Mill Dimensions”

  1. I need the height from the bottom of the base to the centerline of the flywheel. I have a motor and 40:1 reduction gear so I do not need the flywheel. I want to couple the shaft of the grain mill to the output shaft of my gear box and I need to know the distance from the base to the centerline of the shaft. Thanks!

  2. The distance from the base to the center of the shaft is 8 7/16″. Hope that helps!

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