Solar Powered Cyclops Fence Chargers

Do you utilize a fence charger away from standard plug-in power? Then you are probably familiar with hooking it up to a battery. For many of you, you swap out those batteries every few days so that they can come back to the shop for a recharge. However, there’s a much easier way…solar!

Our flagship fence charger, the Cyclops, is the industry’s top fence charger, delivering a powerful punch to keep animals where they should be. The manufacturer, though, only produces a single solar kit, and it is for the 0.75J Hero. The kit is a great option for smaller sections, but many folks want to utilize their larger Cyclops fence charger with solar power. That’s where we step in.

We’ve prepared some custom solar kits that work with each of the Cyclops battery powered fence chargers. Each kit includes a solar panel, charge controller, and wiring to integrate to your existing Cyclops setup. You still have to have a battery, but you probably already have one. If not, we recommend a good quality deep cycle battery for this purpose (sorry, we don’t carry those).

Once you get your kit, simply hook things up to your battery and the solar panel will keep your battery topped off and your fence charger working great! Some considerations as you purchase:
– The options we sell are based on the manufacture’s recommendation for wattage. If in doubt, we’ve plus sized a solar panel to add extra power.
– Our kits will typically work with ANY battery powered fence charger. You may want to check with us, though, as they are sized based on the Cyclops lineup.
– If you live in an area with exceptional clouds or farther up north in the USA, you may consider getting the next size up. It won’t hurt to have a bigger system. If the system is too small, though, you may run out of charge too soon.

So we hope that helps! Feel free to check with us if you need help picking the right size for your setup. We’d love to help!

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