Cyclops Solar Kits


Power your Cyclops (or other brand) battery powered fence charger using the sun! These solar kits give you everything you need, except a battery. You will still need to purchase a 12V deep cycle battery, typically from a local provider, due to the weight. We currently offer three sizes:

  • Up to 12J (Super): this is recommended for the Super Battery unit (or smaller).  Includes a 100W solar panel.
  • Up to 5J (Champ): this is recommended for the Champ Battery unit (or smaller). Includes a 50W solar panel.
  • Up to 2.5J (Stallion): this is recommended for the Stallion Battery unit (or smaller). Includes a 20W solar panel.

If you live in areas of higher latitude or more cloud cover than average, you should consider getting a larger system than what the manufacturer recommends.  For the added cost, it will ensure that your battery is more likely to remain charged.  Please contact us for questions and we can help you size your system appropriately.

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Size (Up To)

12J (Super) – 100W Panel, 5J (Champ) – 50W Panel, 2.5J (Stallion) – 20W Panel


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