Diaper Rash & Skin Abrasion Ointment

Does your little one have a stubborn rash that doesn’t seem to ever clear up. What about when someone in the family gets a cut or bruise? What do you do? Here’s the next thing you can do after a kiss!

It’s easy to do…just give yourself enough time so that it’s on hand when you need it. It will take about 4 weeks to make. In the mean time, you may want to purchase Dr. Christopher’s brand Rash Formula.


1 quart mason jar
20 oz. olive oil
5 oz. 100% pure bees wax (I ordered mine from Ebay)
1/2 cup Calendula, loosely packed
1/2 cup Comfrey, loosely packed

Combine herbs and oil in the mason jar. Cover and place in a dark cupboard. Gently agitate every few days. At the end of 4 weeks, strain the herbs using a tea towel, cheesecloth, or fine mesh linen. Reserve the oil and discard the herbs. In a small sauce pan, combine the now infused oil with the bees wax. As soon as the wax melts, turn off the heat. Stir to distribute the wax and oil. Pour carefully, using a funnel if necessary, into small glass jars, or jars that will not melt. I prefer to use 3-4 oz. containers. Leave undisturbed until they are cool and set. Cover and store. These will keep indefinitely. They also make excellent diaper-bag “stuffers” for baby showers.

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