Automatic Dishwashing Detergents & Environmenal Toxins

Friends, as you begin to make healthy changes in your eating habits, don’t forget about the potential environmental toxins lurking in your home. These can be just as damaging, if not more damaging to your health than processed foods. Things such as: “plug-in” air fresheners, toxic candles, harsh cleaning products with bleach, anti-bacterial soaps and heavily perfumed laundry detergents will all contribute to poor health (asthma, neurological damage, super bugs and more).

Among these, the type of automatic dish washing detergent that you use ought to be considered. While I have tried to use a homemade variety consisting of borax, baking soda, soap flakes and orange essential oil, I did not find that my dishes were “sparkling clean” In fact, my husband most kindly requested that we put an end to it. Since then, I have begun to use Trader Joe’s brand Automatic Dish washing Detergent and have had splendid results. The surfactants are derived from natural sources and the price is reasonable. I might also add that Trader Joe’s has a nice line of natural soap products and air fresheners too.

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