Butter from Raw Milk

So you have extra farm milk and want to make butter? Here is an easy way to separate cow’s milk using a Vita-Mix. Set milk out till the cream is all on the top (usually at room temp). Skim the cream off and put it in the Vita-Mix. Blend until you hear the motor change. It will first turn to whip cream, then separate for butter. Pour the mixture into a tea towel or a cheese cloth lined colander with a bowl underneath. The buttermilk will go to the bowl (save for later use in cooking or to drink). Take up the solids in the towel. Run under very cold water, patting and lightly squeezing until all of the water is clear and not white. You can also use a bowl with ice water, changing the water as necessary. Make sure you get all of the milk out or else it will turn rancid very quickly and not last in the fridge. Once done, form into a ball. Add salt (optional). Place in a container for fridge storage.

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