WonderMill $30 to $60 Rebate!!

Because of the success of the last promotion, the WonderMill Company is offering another rebate.  This time for $30 and you can buy either and electric mill, a hand mill, or BOTH!

From September 1st through November 25th, 2009, purchase a WonderMill Electric Mill (110 or 220v) or a Wonder Junior Hand Mill (Deluxe or Basic) and you will be eligible for a $30 manufacturer’s rebate. That’s right! Purchase a mill from us and you’ll get $30 back! You must purchase on or after September 1st and on or before November 25th, 2009.  If you purchase one of each, you get $60 back.

Simply postmark the rebate form by December 15th, 2009, and include a copy of your PayPal receipt, the “USA DESIGN PATENTED” label from the box, and a self-addressed stamped envelope, along with a completed rebate form.

The form will be emailed to every customer who purchases a mill. If you’d like a copy of the form prior to purchasing, you can download it here: WonderMill Rebate Form

If you don’t already have one or both of these, now would be the time to invest in one. Already have one? Now would be the time to tell a friend or relative about this great deal.

You can purchase a WonderMill Electric Mill (110 or 220v) or a Wonder Junior Deluxe or Basic and you’ll receive a $30 rebate directly from The WonderMill. Not too bad, eh?

So, if you’ve been considering getting a hand grain mill, now would be the time. Click on the WonderMill or the Wonder Junior Hand Mill on the right under “Kitchen Essentials” for more details! We always offer the lowest prices on these mills, guaranteed!

So, click on over or get this great info to a friend, but don’t miss out on this great rebate!

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  1. Thanks to all who ordered and took part in this great rebate. As of today (November 26th), the rebate is closed. The WonderMill Electric Mills (120V) are now on sale through December 31st ($20 off regular price).

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