My grandmother used to say that if you had a variety of colors on your plate, you were eating a well rounded meal. Then when I got married, my husband said that it meant: brown tater tots and chicken patties, a white bun, red ketchup, yellow mustard and some frozen green peas for good measure. I prefer to think of food in terms of categories. This principle is especially helpful when you are stocking your shelves. Below is an example of what I mean. To make it simple, I only chose 2 items per category. I find that if I have these items on hand, I can make just about anything. If you can think of food this way, you will be able to bypass many prepackaged foods, cut your shopping time in half, and eat better with whole foods.

organic, grass fed beef
free-range organic chicken and eggs

Raw (unfiltered, unrefined) honey

Whole wheat berries & a WonderMill Grain Mill (yes, we sell this)
Rolled organic oats

Expeller expressed organic olive oil
Butter from grass fed cows

Raw cheese
Raw milk (to make Kefir and yogurt)

Fruits & Vegetables
Any and all organic, in season fruits and vegetables

non-irradiated spices
unrefined grey sea salt

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