New Product – 800 Lumen Rechargeable Flashlight!

We have some exciting new product lines in the works, which we’ll be adding over the next few days!
To kick it all off, we’re proud to present the first of our professional-grade rechargeable flashlights – the M-19A!
This high-quality tool is a must-have for any emergency kit or tool box, with several highly-useful features that will make this your go-to flashlight.
– With an anodized aluminum case, it’s built to last!
– Zoomable LED lense to provide wide coverage, or focused intense light.
– A built-in USB port allows you to use this flashlight as an emergency battery pack for recharging your cell phone or other devices.
– The micro-USB charge port, and the standard USB port mentioned above, are well-protected on the shaft of the flashlight when the lens is in the full-spread position.
– A strong magnet on the rear of the light provides a handy way of stowing the light in easy-to-reach places and positions.
– With a full charge, the flashlight should last up to 2-1/2 hrs on the brightest setting, and up to 6 hrs on the lower setting.
Whether you’re looking for a light to keep at home for emergencies, or you’re a first responder who needs a dependable and quality light for everyday use, this flashlight is perfect!

You can get yours on sale today, for only $29.99! Click here.

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