Fixing a Leaking Stainless Steel Sight Glass Spigot

The Berkey stainless steel sight glass spigot is a wonderful new addition to the Berkey family of products, and it makes using your Berkey much easier. With it, you can immediately tell how much water you have available in your lower chamber, eliminating the need to lift up the upper chamber and looking inside.

However, sometimes the stainless steel sight glass spigot can have some issues. In these next few articles, we hope to address some easy troubleshooting tips to help you get things working properly.

If you are experiencing any leaking from the bottom of the stainless steel sleeve (the tube), you will want to tighten the top cap. Yes, this may seem backwards, but that’s how the physics works. Simply tighten that down a bit more by hand only. Do not use tools to tighten this down.

If that does not stop the leak, then try these next steps:

  • Remove the top cap and check to make sure the silicone washer is in place.
  • Reinstall the top cap and check for leaks.
  • If the leak persists:
    • Remove the top cap and slide the glass tube up and out of the stainless steel sleeve.
    • Flip the glass tube upside down and reinstall.
    • Reinstall the top cap.
    • Tighten and check for leaks.

See if that solves things. If not, we have a few more tips and tricks to try, but those will be coming soon. Ultimately, if you cannot get something working, the manufacturer can swap things out when still under warranty. You can submit a request for a swapout by filling out the following form:

As always, you can always Contact Us if you need help with anything.

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