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I’m sure many of our followers have seen small exercise trampolines, but not many have tried this increasingly popular exercise tool, or more specifically, the increased quality of a bungee rebounder. I’m going to share  a little bit about what an exercise rebounder is, the benefits of a bungee rebounder specifically, and about the Boing rebounder we carry!

What is a rebounder? Plain and simple – a rebounder is a mini trampoline used for low-impact lower-body exercise. There are exercise programs specifically designed for rebounders, and there are a ton of workouts you can do on them, with anything from coordination movements to balance exercises. Exercise trampolines have certainly changed the way we workout. Now there are many different types of rebounders out there with their unique styles, but the basic health benefits remain the same no matter which rebounder you choose. You might be skeptical about using a trampoline for “working out”, but before you write it off consider the following amazing health benefits of rebounding. With its limited impact on your joints, rebounding can be the perfect alternative to running or other high impact activities.

What are the health benefits of rebounding?

  • Easy on the Joints – The springs or bungees absorb the impact when you are jumping, thus sparing your joints from a lot of jarring. Less impact on joints = longer joint life.
  • Strengthens Cells and Improves Cardiovascular Development – Rebounding can increase oxygen uptake because more oxygen can reach the cells due to the gravity changes that occur when bouncing, and a good rebounding workout can provide impressive aerobic benefits by strengthening the heart.
  • Improves Immune System Function Due to Lymph Flow – The lymphatic system is part of your circulatory system and transports a clear, colorless fluid, called lymph, that flushes toxins from your body. It’s believed that there is an increase in the circulation of this fluid when the lymphatic valves are opened during a change in gravitational pull. 
  • Enhances Balance – When performing targeted balance exercises (such as single leg stands) you’re essentially strengthening your legs’ tendons and ligaments, which are naturally very important for balance.
  • Builds Physical Strength – Performing intense workout routines on a rebounder can increase your muscle strength and stamina.

And lastly, bouncing around on a trampoline is really fun! Who wouldn’t want to jump around on a trampoline and get an incredible workout while taking care of their joints and overall health.

If you’re looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle and stay in great shape, look no further! We can set you up with your very own rebounder. Now as I mentioned there are many different types of rebounders out there today, and many use some type of metal spring. The Boing rebounder was designed using technology that replaces stiff springs with supple bungee cords. The difference between the two is huge, and it’s simply incredible when you feel it. The Boing bungee rebounder/mini-trampoline technology brings to the table a huge range of flexibility and buoyancy to which a rebounder made with springs can’t even come close. You don’t have to worry about the squeaky noise that metal springs make because with bungees it’s silent. Also the impact on the Boing  is a lot softer than you will find on a trampoline with metal springs. And you don’t have to worry about being pinched by those annoying metal springs either. The Boing has been designed as a very affordable bungee rebounder, compared to the many others out there. Designed with attention to detail and high-quality workmanship, Boing is here to last and to be there for you throughout your fitness journey.

How can I get my very own?  Check out our website here. Bonus – they come in many different color options to fit your style!

Be sure to consult your physician before starting an exercise program on a rebounder. While designed for adult workouts, children often enjoy using them in the off time, but should be supervised at all times. Happy Boinging!

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