Troubleshooting a Cyclops Fence Charger

One of the great products we carry is the Cyclops brand fence chargers manufactured by Taylor Fence, Inc. They are engineered and manufactured here in the United States and really work well. But, occasionally, they stop working. In this article, we wanted to share both some common reasons they do stop working as well as some quick troubleshooting tips to get you back up and going. Finally, if all else fails, we’ve got some information at the end to point you to how to get your unit repaired. So here goes…

First off, if your unit doesn’t work right out of the new box, there are two likely culprits. First, check the fuses. Do NOT just visually inspect them. Sometimes a hairline crack will be present that you cannot see visually. You need to check them with a multimeter and ensure continuity. Many an issue has been resolved simply by changing out fuses that look fine visually. The other issue that potentially affects a new one is that something came dislodged in shipping inside the unit. There’s nothing you can do to resolve that other than send back for repairs, and the following troubleshooting tips will help analyze that. They usually arrive just fine, but an exceptionally rough carrier could break a circuit board inside due to dropping the unit or roughly handling them in transit.

Next up, let’s say your unit stops working. The manufacturer recommends you change out the affected fuse and then hook up to a known good power source with nothing connected to the unit. No ground. No load. Just the unit. See if it will run. This should isolate things to either the unit or the power source.

In terms of power source, some things to watch for would include:

  • Is it hooked up to a GFCI outlet? Has that tripped? Have you reset it?
  • Is the outlet wired properly? You can purchase an outlet tester which will test that. We’ve seen outlets wired backwards that work for some appliances but can cause issues for a Cyclops. Always ensure your outlets are wired properly according to local codes.
  • If you are running a DC unit off a battery, consider hooking it up to a running car battery so that you know for sure it has adequate power. Some folks assume their battery is working, but it turns out it was dead / low.

Again, that first step should be with NO ground and NO load hooked up. That will narrow things down. If you’ve checked the fuses with a multimeter and they are fine, and you’ve hooked up to a known good power source, and it still doesn’t work, then most likely something has gone wrong internally with the unit and it will need to go in for repairs (see below).

If that works and the unit runs for a while (15-20 minutes with no issues), then next up, try hooking up the ground rod system to the unit. Power the unit back on and try running it for another 15-20 minutes. If it stops, then you’ve narrowed the issue down to the ground system.

But if it works, then the final test would be to hook your unit up to the load again. Power it back on and run for another 15-20 minutes. While that is going on, consider using a fence fault finder to locate where the load may be shorting to ground. You will often find either a hot wire touching a t-post or other metal grounded object or possibly an excessive amount of grass (often wet) touching the line somewhere. The Cyclops can handle a LOT of load, but at some point, the current will go too high and it will blow the fuse to protect the unit.

If you do determine that the unit itself needs to be repaired, we recommend contacting us and let us know the serial number of the unit and a good return shipping address. If within the return window for your purchase, the manufacturer will normally provide a return label for you to send that to them and will either have that repaired or just send you a replacement unit to get you up and going faster. If outside of the return window, they will repair your unit at no cost inside of the warranty period (normally 1 year, but you can purchase a longer warranty from them). You will send it to them, and they will send it back to you, usually the same day. But let us know in advance so we can pass all of your information along to them (or you can call them directly and do the same thing).

As of the date of publication of this article, the address to ship units in for repair is: Taylor Fence, 4097 County Rd. 22, Ashville, AL 35953. Their direct number is: ‭(205) 594-5971‬.

Want another one? New size? Check them out here. And we do create custom solar options as well to work with all of the units.

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