How Long Will My Berkey Shower Filter Last

We currently carry two different models of the Berkey shower filter. The older model, which still works very well, is white with a silver band wrapping around the middle. The newer model has a chrome finish for the housing and has a replaceable cartridge inside that housing. See below for some photos.

The older style filter is rated for 25,000 gallons of use, and the newer model carries a rating of 30,000 gallons. But what does that equate to in terms of length of time? Here are some common calculations:

First, if you have a water conserving shower head, you can expect approximately 2.5 gallons of water per minute. But the real question is…how long do you shower for? If you are a 6 minute shower taker, then you can expect to use about 15 gallons of water per shower. If you are more of a slow shower taker (think 12 minutes or even 18 minutes), then you can expect to use double or triple that amount.

Assuming a rapid shower taker, then you can expect to get about 1,667 showers out of the old filter and 2,000 showers for the newer style. Reduce that number by half if your showers are 12 minutes long. So, you can expect to get somewhere between 2-5 years under normal use.

But, remember that if you have multiple people using the same shower (most common would be two users), then cut those numbers in half again, so now you’re looking at around 1-3 years.

That’s why the manufacturer recommends approximately 1 year of use, since it is reasonable to assume two uses per day, every day, at around 12 minutes per shower. But, understanding the calculations can help you adjust for your use and potentially get a bit more use out of your filters. Or, for you folks who take super long showers, realize that you may need to change your filter out more often than you think.

If you ever need help calculating your specific usage, let us know and we would be happy to help. Just contact us!

New Style Shower Filter (30,000 gallons)

Berkey Shower Filter

Old Style Shower Filter (25,000 gallons)

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