The SOP’s of Fighting Illness


The first thing I do when one of the kids is sick is to comfort them.  This may mean holding them or just finding a quiet place on the couch that they can rest and still be close to you.  the key is to keep them near to you.

O-il in the ears

If they are old enough to talk, I ask them if their ears hurt.  If so, or if I suspect it, I put a drop of oil in their ears.  You can use warm (cold-pressed) olive oil – plain or with garlic oil or tea tree oil.

L-ight the stove

I make haste to start a good soup and a tea.  I prefer chicken soup, but the most important ingredients are: a rich stock made from bones, sea salt, easy to digest vegetables such as carrots, celery and potatoes, and LOTS of onion and garlic.  (I often use the Vita-Mix for the latter so that they don’t see the onions!)  For a tea, I have a bag of pre-made herbs.  It includes: red raspberry leaves, chamomile, elderberries, astragalus, echinacea, and rose-hips.  I sweeten it with either raw honey or stevia then add 1/3 orange juice to 2/3 tea.  This is all that they drink until I know they are better!  This will often chase the cold away before it gets ugly.

D-ecide which remedy to give

I also use Homeopathic remedies.  “ABC” is good to remember for kids.  Aconite for sudden onset of colds/fevers, Belladonna for fevers with pain, and Chamomile when they are fussy. (although, chamomile is in the tea too.)

S-tay at home

I try to never take a sick child out of the house.  I trust the comfort, oil, soup and tea and remedies will “nurse” them back to health within a day or two.

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