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Originally started as a food co-op in Clovis, New Mexico, 9G Health Foods strives to provide all of the same healthy living products our family uses to your family as well. The business began with providing food for families in the western New Mexico area as part of a local food co-op. Since then, we have moved, suppliers have come and gone, and that aspect of the business has been put on hold, but helping folks in our community and around the world has not.

What can you find at 9G Health Foods?

A collection of the best healthy living products and tools as well as a wealth of information from the brains and vast experience of husband and wife team, Chris (former test pilot and financial guru) and Mercy (passionate foodie and visionary).

Here at 9G, we have personal experience with using the products we offer, so we know they work well in real life.  We’ll share with you resources and information that have helped shape our food and health decisions along the way. We love to interact with folks on our blog articles, so please feel free to leave a comment asking a question or adding to the conversation. We’re here to help!

9G Health Foods is a family-operated business located in Alabama, USA

Our dedicated staff includes:

  • Chris & Mercy – Owners
  • Casey – Operations Manager / Chief Herder of Cats
  • Michael – Shipping / Inventory (ever seen someone tape a box in .3 seconds?)
  • Zach – Shipping / Tech Genius (“This isn’t working!” “Call Zach!”)
  • Abriana – Customer Service (Shipping quote for South Africa…or anywhere else in the world? Coming right up.)
  • Elizabeth – Shipping assistant (efficiency is the name of her game!)

Our goal is to serve you with excellence and only offer the very best. By using our products and information, we believe you’ll soon come to find that living healthy and using authentic, quality tools in your daily routine is enjoyable, economical, and ultimately very rewarding.

Please let us know if you have any questions. Have a healthy day!

2 thoughts on “9G: Smarter Healthy Living”

  1. Hi

    Have you guys used the Austin healthmate plus? I just want to know if it works as well as they claim? I live in a city very close to a petroleum plant and I need an effective air filtration machine. I have sent you an email and a mail via your site but no reply yet. Hope this one finds someone…

    Is this the only air filtration machine that you sell? Could you recommend any other if this is not the best you have?


  2. Good afternoon Mr. Pretorius! Yes, the owner of our company originally started carrying the Austin Air when they were experiencing significant issues with mold spores in their home. Members of their family were experiencing significant health reactions to the mold. Upon purchasing the Austin Air, their health problems cleared up! Other members of our team also use the Austin Air in their homes, particularly with children. We use the products we sell!

    We responded to your email just a short time ago, let us know how we can further assist you!

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