Birth Preparation

With the birth of our fourth child to be due in about 8 weeks, I am beginning to check off my supply lists, too. Being prepared helps to alleviate much of the uncertainty that can arise from being a new a mommy. While every pregnancy is different, here are some basics that I think would benefit any pregnant woman:


Taking a brisk afternoon walk for 15-30 minutes each day helps me to feel prepared for birth. I usually feel more contractions during this time and feel my body getting itself ready for the marathon that is ahead of me. Walking also gives me an extra boost of energy during the last trimester as the demands of carrying a child increase.

Meal Preparation

I find that making at least 12-20 meals (including at least a gallon of Korean Soup) to put away in the freezer gives me a great sense of peace. This way, I know that even if we have a hectic day after the baby is born, we will at least have hot food. For young children, who face so many changes with a new sibling, it can be comforting to still enjoy familiar foods made by mom. Plus, you know exactly what they are eating while you recover.


To the best of your ability, try to establish a place of birth that requires the least amount of transport as possible. A home birth may be the best place, or a birthing center close to the hospital can be a good option, too. I have had a hospital birth (turned cesarean section), a hospital birth with a midwife. And, my last birth was a home/water birth but at someone else’s home.  Of the three, the water birth was the best. Try to have people around you that share the same perspective on natural birthing practices. Otherwise, when the contractions come, you will most likely be persuaded to have a birth that suits the wishes of others rather than your own. “Natural” childbirth is a very different approach than most people have. As such, you will need to find the best methods to secure your wishes. Home births tend to be the safest places to have a baby. It is comforting, and poses the least risk of infection and emotional disruption.

Pregnancy Tea:

Some midwives suggest that you don’t drink the tea until after 27 weeks gestation. However, some say that the Red Raspberry helps to reduce morning sickness. I prefer to drink it from the beginning of pregnancy.

2 cups Red Raspberry Leaf
1 cup Dandelion Leaf
1 cup Nettle Leaf
1 cup Alfalfa leaf
1/2 cup Rose-hips (for Vitamin C)
1/2 cup Red Clover

The clover is optional. I add it to help boost insulin as well as taking the supplement Chromium Picolinate.

Mix together and store in an airtight container. Mix 3-4 heaping tbsp. for a 1quart mason jar. Strain and drink 2-3 cups per day. If you’d don’t want to get all these herbs, try using just Red Raspberry. It’s good for you uterus.

Liquid Chlorophyll

2 tsp. per day

Please let me know if you have any questions or comments.

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