Bamboo Cloth Diapers?

Mother Ease Bamboo DiaperFor those of you who have purchased our Mother-Ease bamboo cloth diapers, you may have read the ingredients and wondered to yourself…”Where’s the bamboo?” That’s a great question. The diapers currently consist of 57% Rayon, 24% Cotton, and 19% Polyester. The bamboo is actually part of the manufacturing process for one of the fibers in the diaper, “Rayon”. Rayon is a manufactured fiber where the pulp from the bamboo plant is put through a process which eventually produces a silk-like fiber. The fiber is then woven with cotton and attached to a polyester base (for strength). For your baby, what this means is that their skin only touches the Rayon/Cotton blend which is amazingly soft and still durable. Had it been only Rayon (remember, bamboo pulp turned into fiber), it would not be nearly as durable as a blend with cotton. Rayon can be made from a variety of fiber pulps, so the only way you’d know if it came from bamboo is to know your manufacturer. Hope that helps!

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