Whole Wheat Quiz

Which is the best “staple of life”?

A. Store bought whole wheat bread
B. Store bought whole grain bread
C. Store bought 100% whole wheat bread
D. Homemade 100% organic whole wheat bread
E. Homemade 100% whole wheat bread made with freshly ground organic wheat berries
F. None of the above

Answer: F

Although “homemade 100% whole wheat bread made with freshly ground organic wheat berries” may seem like the best idea (it certainly is the most time intensive) it is however, very difficult to digest (as are the others too).  The rapid fermentation, via baker’s yeast, does not break down the phyic acid in the bran, thus creating a lack of mineral absorption.  The only way to ensure that the bread you eat is good for you is to follow these guidelines:

A. Grain is organic
B. Grain is soaked or fermented
C. Grain is freshly ground with a grinder
D. Leaven (yeast) is multi-strain and naturally occurring (such as a sourdough starter)

If you would like to know how to make this kind of bread, please contact me and I can walk you through it step by step.

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