Vita-Mix or Grain Mill

We often get asked the question, “If the Vita-Mix can do everything, why would you also want a grain mill?”  And that is a good question.

Before I had the WonderMill, I used our Vita-Mix for grinding grain (about two years).  While this can be done, I found two things: first, it was difficult to get the grain as fine as I wanted using the Vita-Mix, and second, it took a long time.  The Vita-Mix will only allow you to do 2 cups at a time.  The WonderMill, though, will grind up to 8 cups (12 ground) in a short amount of time.

If you are only making small loaves at a time or are just experimenting with making bread, you may want to begin with just the Vita-Mix to see if you like making bread.  Your bread may not rise as much because it will be slightly heavier.  But, the Vita-Mix can be a “starter” grinder which you can upgrade later to a WonderMill if you are serious about bread making (just like we did).  The Vita-Mix is still the favorite appliance in my home, and it does an amazing amount of things; I use it 3-4 times a day while cooking.  But, I enjoy having the WonderMill to grind a variety of flours.

For the Vita-Mix, I would recommend the base version “5200” with only the wet blade as well as the 32 oz. small container if you plan to make salad dressing and sauces.  For grains, the WonderMill is my recommendation by far.  If you’re not ready for that kind of investment, yet, I would recommend for most kitchens just getting the “Super 5200” Vita-Mix which has the “dry” container included if you want to try out making bread.  Something else to consider is the Wonder Junior, a hand grain mill.  It has all the benefits of the WonderMill, but requires no electricity and can even do wet grains, coffee, herbs, etc.  Granted, it is hand powered, so it does require some more work, but would definitely be a fine choice for a grain mill.

Hope that helps in your planning process.

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