Thermal Assistant Software


  • Computes monthly sunpaths for specific latitude
  • Contains World weather data (WMO/NREL)
    Enhanced exports capabilities (.pdf, .csv, jpg, etc.)
  • Imports into other software
  • Distance shading model which allows readings from ground level
  • Maintains Report Health Diagnostics
  • Uses English or Metric Units
  • Generates fully customizable reports (use your business name/logo, etc)
  • Actual solar radiation with & without shading (kW/m2/day)
  • Contains list of 240 solar hot water collectors (SRCC data) (drops in net aperture area, efficiency curve Y intercept, efficiency curve slope (thermal conductance)
  • Allows for input of specs for solar hot water collectors not listed
  • Uses F-chart calculations
  • Allows for specifying deciduous trees


Any scientific analysis requires accurate input and careful calculations. The Solar Pathfinder and Assistant provide mathematical precision for accurate shading assessment (solar site analysis) by eliminating gross errors in structure orientation, solar system sizing, and PV/collector placement. The Solar Pathfinder Assistant software dovetails local weather data (using NREL/WMO) and site-specific shade analysis in a customizable report. Originally furnished for the ecological and photovoltaic applications, the Assistant software now services the growing thermal technologies.

The Thermal Assistant allows the user to input all the necessary information in order to determine the potential hot water supply for their system such as tilt angle of collectors, collector orientation, daily hot water load per month, tank size, tank temperature and supply water temperature. After this information is added and a Pathfinder photo is loaded and traced, the software will provide the data necessary to evaluate this particular installation.

Regardless of the industry being serviced, the software identifies the shading patterns and total potential energy produced at any given site. The Solar Pathfinder Assistant software is a fast, accurate, and proven way to create a data-rich report for solar rebate programs.


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