Priming Syringe


The priming syringe can be used to prime your Black Berkey purifiers.

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The key to priming your Black Berkey purifiers is water pressure. The standard faucet method uses the pressure from your home’s faucet assisted by the synthetic washer to create a good seal and force water into the filter. The Berkey priming bulb draws water through the pores using pressure from the bulb portion. The priming syringe works much the same as the faucet method, by inserting water in the stem of the filter until the tell-tale “sweating” occurs all the way up the shaft of the filter.

To use the priming syringe, place your filter and syringe near a water source, or fill a glass or bucket with water, to draw from with the syringe. Fill the syringe with water, and then place the spout against the open stem of the Black Berkey purifier. Press firmly as you then inject the water into the stem. Repeat this process 3-4 times, or until the filter element “sweats” along the entire surface of the filter.


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