Cyclops 120V AC Fence Chargers


The best AC Fence Chargers your money can buy, including the best lightning protection in the world! All models are low impedance, and offer custom designed surge protection boards to reduce damage from AC line hits.


  • Cyclops Fence Chargers will complete your Electric Fence
  • Strongest Line, Battery and Solar Operated Chargers Built in the USA
  • Strongest Lightning Protection in the World
  • Price/Performance – Beats New Zealand Imports
  • Complete Technical Support and Repair – Typical 1 day Turnaround
  • Unsurpassed Animal Holding Power
  • Only the best quality parts, modularity for easy repair.
  • The best price/performance available with great customer support!

Cyclops Fence Chargers are the answer for your Electric Fence needs. No matter the use of your Electric Fence, you can count on our Cyclops Fence Chargers to deliver the power you need. On the subject of power, we offer AC, DC/Battery and Solar Fence Chargers. If your electric fence is 1 mile or 50 miles, we can help!

All Cyclops Fence Charger models output a wide pulse, which puts the hurt in the pulse and maintains the respect of the animals. The manufacturer’s lab has the ability to calculate stored or output joules for any model. They will gladly test any unit for comparison. Don’t be fooled by mileage ratings, which are just an approximation of power, go by the electric Joule power rating.

  • Best Lightning Protection in the World.
  • Exclusive Custom Designed Surge Protection Board
  • Over 5000 joules of Lightning Protection in each Fence Charger!



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