Berkey Inline Shower Filter – Chrome



Berkey® Inline Shower Filter


Promote healthy skin and hair. Feel refreshed.

Reduce up to 98% of harsh chlorine, which can damage delicate skin and hair. Berkey Easy-Replace Shower Filter Cartridges inhibit bacterial growth and reduce heavy metals, algae, scale, and sediment in your water, improving water and vapor quality.

Keep the shower head you enjoy. Replace the cartridge annually with less hassle.

The Berkey Inline Shower Filter fits standard ½” plumbing fixtures. Connect it between the shower arm and most shower heads.

Specifications for the Berkey® Shower Filter

  • BPA free
  • Chrome finish
  • Universal ½” fittings
  • Rated service flow: 2.5 gallons (9.5 liters) per minute
  • Lifespan: up to 30,000 gallons (113,400 liters) / 1 year
  • Overall dimensions: H: 5.1” (128.25mm) x W: 3.5” (86.75mm) x D: 5.1” (129mm)
  • Cartridge housing: H: 3.9” (98mm) x Diameter: 3.6” (89.50mm)
  • Operating pressure: 20-100 psi (1.4 – 6.9 bar)
  • Operating temperature range: 40° – 120° F (4° – 48.9° C)
  • Optimal pH range: 6.5 – 8.5



  • Lifespan of shower filter cartridge dependent on the quality of in-fluent water
  • Water filtered by shower filter cartridge not advised for drinking water purposes
  • Installation of shower filter must comply with state and local plumbing codes
  • A shut-off valve is not advised to be used with the shower filter
  • Do not use when line pressure exceeds 100 psi (6.9 bar)
  • Do not exceed 140° F (48.9° C)
  • Do not install in direct sunlight
  • Protect from freezing


Included in the box:

  • Filter cartridge
  • Cartridge housing (for all except replacement filter only)
  • Optional shower head
  • Plumber’s tape


Please note, labeling may vary to fulfill orders during periods of heavy demand.

Not available in CA or IA.

Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and Military addresses will go via USPS Priority Mail and may incur a surcharge for shipping. Actual carrier for all shipments is at seller’s discretion, but will generally be UPS or USPS Priority Mail.

Additional information

Shower Head

6 Spray Head, 3 Spray Head, No Head, Replacement Filter Only (No Housing), Housing Only (No Filter)


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