Infant Potty Training

A Healthy Way to Care for your Infant’s Elimination Needs

There is another option when it comes to the diaper question; cloth or disposable.  Instead, learn your baby’s cues to go potty.  Just like a mom can learn her baby’s cues to breastfeed, she can also learn the cues for “potty.”   The window to train infants is between birth and 3-5 months old.  After that, plan on the “normal” wait to potty train at about 24 months. Babies actually “go” on a very similar schedule as adults do.  They will need to go every time they wake up (since they do not go when they are sleeping.)  When our son Knox was four weeks old, I gathered enough information on the internet about “infant potty training” to feel confident to try it out.  To my surprise, it works!  Knox is 7 months old and is about 90% trained to eliminate in his own little potty!  I know this sounds unreal, but mothers all around the world do this with success everyday.  If you would like to know more, do a “search” and/or contact me for more information!  You can also find more information by searching for “EC” or “Elimination Communication”.

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