Real Olive Oil

Amazon has a great olive oil that I highly recommend. It is one of the best oils I’ve had in this price range. It is perfect as a dipping sauce or as a daily oil. I’ve tried the other olive varieties and the Arbequina is, hands down, my favorite. Have a Healthy Day! Mercy

Cooking Pastured Poultry and Grass Fed Beef

A few weeks ago, I called a local meat establishment to inquire whether they carried grass-fed beef.  The response went something like this, “Well, we don’t carry that…it’s too tough!”  I wanted to say, “No, it IS good, really!”, but I bit my tongue.  This post is meant to be a flagpole to rally around […]

Is Soy Healthy

Is Soy Healthy? Well, yes and no… Fermented products such as tofu, miso, and tempeh are very good for you (when eaten as a condiment and never as a replacement to meat products.)  However, soy milk, which is basically a by product of the vegetable oil industry, has been linked with causing various forms of […]