Helpful Berkey Videos

We often get questions about how to setup a new Berkey. Here are some of the most frequent videos we recommend to help with your setup: How to prime your Black Berkey Purifiers: Another way to prime your Black Berkey Purifiers (highly recommended): How to install your PF-2 fluoride filters: How to test if your […]

New Product – 800 Lumen Rechargeable Flashlight!

We have some exciting new product lines in the works, which we’ll be adding over the next few days!   To kick it all off, we’re proud to present the first of our professional-grade rechargeable flashlights – the M-19A! This high-quality tool is a must-have for any emergency kit or tool box, with several highly-useful […]

The Red Dye Test Demo

In this new video from our subsidiary, Big Berkey Water, you can see how effective the red dye test is with the Berkey filters. Spoiler alert – it works!


In an extremely rare move, Berkey has authorized their popular Berkey Light unit to be offered at a 10% discount! They haven’t offered such an opportunity in several years. The Berkey Light is a great medium-capacity (2.75 gallon) unit that is designed as an economy version that holds the standard Black Berkey filters, with the […]

Hurricane Off the Port Bow!

On the forefront of people’s minds on the east coast has been Hurricane Florence, bearing down on the coast of North and South Carolina. Bottled water has been flying off the shelves, and the word is that many stores are running out, as people prepare for widespread utility outages. These pictures from Petersburg, Virginia, show […]

The Priming Syringe – An Easier Method For Priming Black Berkey Filters

  If you purchased your Berkey unit as a preparedness resource, or to use infrequently for camping or a remote location, one of the main quandaries that you might face is how to prime the Black Berkey filters without water pressure, which is necessary any time they dry out for storage. You could use the […]

Get Fit with Rebounding

      I’m sure many of our followers have seen small exercise trampolines, but not many have tried this increasingly popular exercise tool, or more specifically, the increased quality of a bungee rebounder. I’m going to share  a little bit about what an exercise rebounder is, the benefits of a bungee rebounder specifically, and […]

Berkey Instructions

Contents: 1 – Upper Chamber (has holes for the filters) 1 – Lower Chamber (has a hole for the spigot) 1 – Spigot Kit which contains: Spigot Two washers (some are flat, some are beveled, units vary) Nut 1 – Lid 1 – Lid Knob with Screw (N/A for Berkey Light) 2 to 8 – […]

The Hows & Whys of Berkey Filter Lifespans

There are a lot of variables in this topic, so I thought we could get into a bit more detail in addressing some of those factors relating to the lifespan of the Berkey filters. What is the lifespan of a Berkey filter? The first thing to note is that the “lifespan” of the Berkey filters, […]

About the WonderMill

The WonderMill grain mill has the abillity to mill several items that many grain mills will not. There are two grain mills to choose from, the WonderMill electric and the Wonder Junior hand-operated mill. The WonderMill electric grain mill is fast and gives you good variety of items it can grind, not including oily grains, […]

Identifying Black Berkey Filter Problems

When your new Black Berkey filters arrive (maybe in a shiny stainless steel Berkey unit!), it’s definitely cause for excitement! You know you’re about to experience some of the purest water on the planet. We don’t want any little glitches that may occur in the set-up process to discourage you; it’s good to remember that […]

Country Living Exercise Bike

Exercise Bike with Country Living Grain Mill

Here are some ideas on how to use your Country Living Grain Mill with an exercise bicycle. We carry the Country Living Grain Mill and all of the parts and accessories, including pulleys which you can use to hook up to your exercise bike. However, because there are so many ways you can hook your […]

How to Clean Berkey or Berkefeld Filters

If your flow rate has slowed, your first plan of action should be a simple cleaning procedure. More often than not this will have an immediate helpful effect on your flow rate. You will need: -Water -A Scotch Brite (or similar) all-purpose non-metal scrubbing pad (a toothbrush works, also) Empty any water from the Berkey […]

Filter Lifespan: How Long Do Berkey Filters Last?

Another common question we get is How long do my Berkey filters last? That’s a great question! Let’s start by clarifying that we carry two different types of primary filters for the Berkey system: the Black Berkey purifiers and the Berkefeld Super Sterasyl ceramic filters. (Read more about the differences between the two here.) These […]

The Secret to Finding Safe Water When Traveling

Keeping hydrated while you travel often presents a challenge. Even more so if you have standards for the quality of water you want to be putting into your body. Drinking water from public water fountains has never really been on my radar. My mom warned me against it in my youth, graphically describing how germs […]