Why Isn’t My Austin Air Picking Up Dust?

Austin Air Purifiers work to make sure that micro-particles in the air are removed, since we can’t see them and are helpless to do anything about them. They can also remove a certain amount of larger, more visible elements, such as fine dust, pollen, and smoke. The variety of particles an Austin Air Purifier can […]

Allergy Machine vs. HealthMate

Since we sell both the Allergy Machine and the HealthMate (both by Austin Air), we’ve had the question raised as to what the difference is. The difference is in the filters. The HealthMate has a True Medical HEPA filter surrounded by a carbon/zeolite mixture which adsorbs odors and gases. This standard filter weighs approximately 21 […]

Austin Air User’s Manual

For our many customers with an Austin Air System, you can now browse/download the user’s manual online. We hope this helps, and please contact us if you have any questions about your Austin Air! DOWNLOAD THE MANUAL

Austin Air Units for Singapore

With the recent fires, we realize that many of our friends in Singapore have great need for CLEAN AIR! We’re here to help. We offer the entire line of Austin Air filters, and can convert them to 240V for use in Singapore (or elsewhere, for that matter). Contact us for a shipping quote. The most […]