In an extremely rare move, Berkey has authorized their popular Berkey Light unit to be offered at a 10% discount! They haven’t offered such an opportunity in several years.

The Berkey Light is a great medium-capacity (2.75 gallon) unit that is designed as an economy version that holds the standard Black Berkey filters, with the option to add PF-2 fluoride filters. These are the same exact filters as the other models, simply a different light-weight canister made of BPA-free polyester. This material has the added benefit of being able to see how much water is left in the canister – no need for a sight-glass spigot!

Don’t miss this opportunity! You can get your Berkey Light unit with either 2 Black Berkey filters or 4 Black Berkey filters at a 10% discount here! Be sure to select one of those options from the dropdown menu to receive the discount.


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